iBioSearch: Integrated Biological Databases Search

The integrated biological databases search (iBioSearch) system is aimed at providing a unifying interface and advanced capability for searching  various online biological databases. The iBioSearch system is an online search system which dynamically builds a biological database search ontology as  the user interface. The ontology acting as a global schema connects to more  than  online biological databases. User's queries against the ontology  are translated into queries against underlying online query interfaces.  Query results returned from the underlying databases are consolidated,  reconciled, and ranked by data cleansing and relevance computing algorithms.  Salient features of iBioSearch system includes dynamically updating biological  databases repository and maintaining semantic mappings when base databases evolve.

keywords: Data Integration, Bioinformatics, Web Search, Meta  Search, Web Information Systems, Schema Mapping,
Ontology-Based Information  Integration, Reverse Engineering, Conceptual Modeling